Drain Repair & Relining Brent Park

Drain repairs to a sewer or waste pipe in Brent Park that has collapsed or blocked may be carried out without excavation. Sewers can sometimes be economically relined or patched which involves injecting a new surface internally on the damaged pipe rather than it having to be dug up which can be a substantial saving.

Sewer Patching & Replacement Brent Park

If we do have to remove a pipe for sewer replacement, we do so with the minimum interruption and we can work weekends if required at reasonable prices. HA9 Drains have experienced engineers that can talk about the repair or replacement work with you and quote you in advance. Our prices are clear and precise so call today!

  • Excavation in Brent Park may be avoided
  • Drain repairs with relining
  • Drains are working after only a short interruption
  • Hairline cracks are sealed

Drain Repairs & Replacement in Brent Park with Clear Prices

Drain Relining Brent Park

Pipe relining is a process where a damaged pipe is covered internally with a long-life coating effectively giving the pipe an extended life. HA9 Drains supply a complete re-lining service in Brent Park giving you a clean drain solution with clear pricing.

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